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Image by Jernej Graj
Image by Jernej Graj

Beauty & Wellness

Your personal care services are so much more than just a service. They are a wellness session; a way for you to have crucial alone time and connect back to yourself.


At Michele Renee Beauty, my services focus on quality and your experience. By integrating holistic wellness techniques into my services, you get to enjoy time to relax and slow down, while connecting back to your authentic self.


Different wellness techniques including aromatherapy, massage, Reiki and mind-body work are woven into your self & soul care experience. Not only will you leave elated with your service, you will leave with a feeling of calm, clarity, and inner wellness. And that is truly beautiful. 

What to expect

Your appointment is all about you. As a home-based experience, you won't have to listen to other noises and distractions. You can sit in silence if you prefer, or enjoy a chat with me. Remember, this time is all about you and what YOU would like.


Upon your arrival, you can park in the driveway (recommended) and come to the front door no more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. You will be greeted by my dogs Louee and Charlee.

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