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Michele Renee

About Me

Beauty has always interested me; as a young girl I remember being fascinated by press on nails, my aunt's makeup collection, and hot curling my hair. I am honoured to have taken that fascination and turned it into a thriving business where I am able to help other women feel how beautiful they really are. 


As a certified holistic skincare therapist, Mindbody and Reiki practitioner, I have a passion for blending beauty and soul work. All people are beautiful, and I am lucky enough to assist them in accessing their inner beauty and encouraging them to let it shine on the outside.


After a profound personal loss, I completely lost who I was. Through my grief and rebuilding of my life, I learned a lot about myself and who I wanted to service. Because of this, I am on a mission to change our societies relationship with beauty by focusing on encouraging women to follow their intuition, access their inner beauty, and let it radiate it through their outer being. Beauty is soul care, you shine your brightest when you trust and believe in your own definition of beautiful. 

On the weekend you can find me looking up my next travel destination, going for long walks with my two pups (Charlee and Louee), and spending time with those I love the most.

I LOVE all things travel. Learning about new cultures, food and people reminds me of our deep connection as human beings. We really are all the same in so many ways.

Always live your kind of beautiful,


- Michele


Michele trained under Jem Aesthetics Academy (The School of Collaborative Holistic & Medical Aesthetics) & received her designation of Skin Specialist in 2022

- Level 1 & 2 Skin Education International certified 2023

- Get Face Fit Intra-oral massage certified 2023

- Certificate in Acne Physiology and Anatomy 2022 Pastiche Training Academy

- Procell Microchanneling certified 2023

- Green Envee University Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage 2022

- Green Envee University Intro to GuaSha 2022

Certification in level 1 & 2 Holy Fire Karuna Reiki

Certification as a Mindbody Practitioner through The Mindbody Food Institute - 2020

Registered member of IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapists)

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