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Feel Radiantly Beautiful:

This Spring and Beyond

Let your Skin & Soul Glow

The antidote to draining winter days, spring brings much-awaited sunshine and clarity. If you’ve been searching for a new beginning, we’d love for you to join our daylong wellness retreat to rest and reset.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Whether you’ve been looking after everyone else or been busy working overtime, you deserve to step away from life’s chaos. Let us give you a break from everyday routines and offer you this:

A beautiful day, empowering you to heal your energy and embrace your most authentic self – both physically and spiritually.

Skincare rituals, yoga flows, connective experiences… spend the day with us and treat your skin and soul to a healthy, happy glow-up.

Pink Skirt
Sping Revival: Wellness Re-Treat

April 7th, myself and Catharine Tombs, yoga instructor and wellness retreat host, will take you on a transformative journey. Find joy in mindful moments with us, rediscover your vitality and make the most of spring’s abundant energy.

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